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SYM Bike Insurance

Based in Taiwan, SYM – known to many as the Sanyang Group – is perhaps most well-known for their Jet4 R 50cc model. A company popular with those new to the biking world, SYM has partnerships with the likes of Hyundai, Bombardier and soon after being founded in 1961, it collaborated with Honda to start its motorcycle production, before it started creating its own motorcycles began in 2002. As a leading specialist motorcycle insurance broker, we’re happy to help you find the right insurance policy for your SYM motorcycle.

Whether the Jet4 R 50cc is your favourite, or you prefer the Symply or Fiddle, you can get a great motorcycle insurance deal through Carole Nash on your SYM bike or scooter. With a great range on models available, and with a policy through Carole Nash, taking care of your wheels couldn’t be simpler.

SYM Insurance Benefits

Whatever the model, all bike insurance policies from Carole Nash come with plenty
of other benefits as standard:

  • Unlimited accessory cover
  • Up to as much as 10% off for insurance-approved security
  • Carole Nash Rider Cover**could allow you to ride your mate’s bike

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Other ways to save

Helmet & Leathers cover

Having the right gear is essential when you’re out on your motorcycle. Good kit doesn’t come cheap, so it’s good to know that if the worse does happen, your helmet and leathers will be covered if they are damaged.

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Six Wheel® Insurance

Our Six Wheel® insurance covers both your bike(s) and a car and could save you the hassle of taking out separate policies.

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Multibike Insurance

If you’re lucky enough to own more than one ride, multibike insurance means you can cover them all under one policy. You’ll only have to worry about one premium, one renewal and one set of paperwork.

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