Commuting on a small and manoeuvrable motorbike or scooter is an increasingly common option…

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Commuter Bike Insurance

One of the most efficient ways to commute to work is by riding a motorbike. You can potentially save time and have a less stressful journey. Surveys have shown that motorcyclists are happier compared to people who drive or take public transport. As experienced motorbike insurance brokers, we’re keen to promote the benefits of motorbike commuting,

Over the years, we’ve launched various campaigns to show our support for commuting on a motorbike. For Ride To Work Week 2017, we offered free UK and Ireland commuting cover for all our policy holders. We’ve also offered free riding taster sessions to our staff members in order to celebrate The Motorcycle Industry Association’s Get On Initiative.

It’s why we’re dedicated to helping you find your ideal motorbike policy. As you’ll be commuting every day, commuter motorbike insurance will ensure you’re protected.

How can you benefit from commuter motorbike insurance?

The benefits of commuting on a motorbike are varied, as you could save time and energy in getting to the office. As riding a motorbike increases happiness, motorcyclists are likely to be more productive in work as well.

Our policies come with a range of perks, such as UK and European breakdown cover with Homestart assistance, worth over £100 and Legal expenses cover, when compared to other providers.

What kind of motorbikes are covered?

Commuter motorbike insurance covers a wide variety of models. Some great commuter motorbikes to ride include the Suzuki Bandit, Honda NXC700X and Yamaha XJ600 Diversion.

Commuter Bike Insurance benefits

Bike insurance cover for your commuter through Carole Nash comes with a range of benefits to offer great value cover for your reliable ride:

  • UK and European accident and breakdown recovery, which includes Homestart, worth over £100 when compared to other providers.
  • Our Homestart cover can prove invaluable when needing to get into work for your daily commute – if your bike does let you down!
  • Our policies also include up to 10% off for insurance-approved security.

You can also select our optional extras of key cover, helmet and leathers, and personal accident cover giving you the protection you need to keep your mind on the job.

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How do I get a quote?

Getting a quote is a straightforward process, as you can fill out our online form or contact us on 0333 005 3355.

Cruiser motorbikes are great for commuting as well. We offer insurance policies for a number of models.

Other ways to save

Multibike Insurance

If you’re lucky enough to own more than one ride, multibike insurance means you can cover them all under one policy. You’ll only have to worry about one premium, one renewal and one set of paperwork.

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Home insurance through Carole Nash provides you protection for your building and contents. Should the worst happen, an in-house claims team is available 24/7, 365 days a year, with professionally trained incident managers on hand to assist you.

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Our Six Wheel® insurance covers both your bike(s) and a car and could save you the hassle of taking out separate policies.

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