Carole Nash Rider Cover terms and conditions

Cover will be extended if the other motorcycle (‘the motorcycle’) you are riding is accidentally or maliciously damaged or vandalised. Damage caused by fire, theft or attempted theft is not covered.

  • Your own motorcycle(s) must be insured for Comprehensive cover and not have been subject to a total loss claim
  • You do not own, or have not hired the motorcycle under a hire purchase or leasing agreement
  • You have the owner’s permission to ride the motorcycle
  • You are not covered by any other insurance
  • You are using the motorcycle for social, domestic and pleasure purposes only
  • You are riding the motorcycle within the UK and are complying with the terms and conditions of your driving licence
  • The motorcycle is in your possession
  • An excess of £750 will apply to any claim
  • The most we will pay is £15,000
  • If the motorcycle is a Total Loss (write-off), any settlement will be paid to the legal owner
  • The owner or keeper of the motorcycle you are riding must have arranged his or her own Comprehensive insurance, separate to this policy
  • The motorcycle does not belong to you, or a  member of your immediate family, and is not furnished or available for your regular use
  • This offer is only available to UK residents
  • This offer is only available for new motorcycle policies arranged through Carole Nash Insurance Consultants from 2nd March 2015 or existing motorcycle policies arranged through Carole Nash Insurance Consultants that are due for renewal from 1st April 2015
  • Age, motorcycle and occupation restrictions apply
  • This offer may be withdrawn at anytime